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Meet The Team

What makes a dream team? We believe it is a group of professionals who have a common goal and strive everyday to achieve it.

We have a dream team.

“I loved working with VS Sprinklers Systems. They provide me with GREAT customer service, answering all my questions and communicating with me in a timely and clear manner. They explained everything to me and helped me to make the best decisions for my needs from the initial consultation right to the installation and after-installation check-in”

Martine Rack★★★★★ Google Review

Matt Osman

Matt brings his lighthearted and easygoing personality and an unmatched work ethic to the team. Rain or shine, hot or cold, Matt’s genuine smile is there to greet clients and provide them with a quality installation and next level customer experience.

Nick Quizi

Detailed and consistent, Nick takes pride in his work and it shows. From planning to installation, he ensures clients have an expertly designed and high performing system. When Nick is onsite you can be assured you’re in good hands.
Director of Business Development

Mike Shelley

Mike brings both corporate and chainsaw in hand experience to the team. He understands the importance of building a strong brand through creative marketing, tried and true sales strategies and an unrivaled customer experience.

His passion and drive propel him to meet challenges head-on and deliver solutions.

Director of Operations

Brent Shelley

With 20 years in the landscaping industry, Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all aspects of the business. Having an exceptional eye for detail and workplace efficiencies, he keeps crews and company operations on track stretching across Eastern Ontario.

His customer-focused approach has proven itself time and again, leaving clients feeling listened to and well taken care of.


Tim Oommen, P. Eng.

An engineer by profession, Tim brings a distinctly valuable perspective to the team.

His years spent in engineering roles have led to very structured, critical thinking. This combined with his strong business acumen has enabled him to bring a vast amount of value across all aspects of the business.

Executive Assistant

Celine van Stralen

Every team needs someone who knows exactly what is going on at any given time and keeps everything meticulously organized. Celine is that person – the office guru who holds it all together.

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