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Irrigation Repairs & Maintenance

It doesn’t take much to maintain an irrigation system, but you’ll need regular service for seasonal maintenance and repairs of any leaks or breaks.

VS Sprinkler also handles any repairs including damaged sprinkler heads, water lines, controllers and wiring. Whether your system was installed by us or a competitor, we’ll get to the source of any problems including future testing and follow up.

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Keep Your System Operating At Peak Performance

Here are some ways we help ensure your sprinkler system performs its best and stays resilient even when it’s dormant.

Spring tune-up

Spring tune-up including a complete inspection of the system and any adjustments to the controller and/or weather sensor.

Fall winterization

Fall winterization, which purges the water from the entire sprinkler system to avoid any damage from freezing temperatures.

Any time of year

Any time of year, VS Sprinkler is ready to take on your irrigation challenges.

Other Divisions

Irrigation is not all what we do. We offer a wide range of outdoor services.

Landscape Construction

Bringing your landscape designs to the real world.

VS Tree Services

Premium tree assessments, removals and pruning.

Luxury Landscape Designs

Designs to fit your style and use. Let's work together to create something beautiful. 

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